what's being there record's twist on crowdfunding?

  • We specialize in making vinyl and that's all we do! We get that getting your music to vinyl can be time consuming and cost a lot of money. We wanted to make a platform that could help alleviate those two things so you can focus on making more great music.

What do i need to start?

  •  All you need is the album artwork and music that's going on the record. Simple as that.

what if i want you to press my record but don't want to crowdfund it?

  • If you have the money to flat-out pay for the batch of records, we'll gladly handle all the steps to make it happen. We'd also love to accept pre-orders for no charge while the records are being made. 

how much will my record sell for?

  • That's up to you! We will send you a quote for how much it will cost per record - you can choose any price over the base cost. 

How much will i make after a SUCCESSFUL campaign?

  • It depends on how much you set the price for. When we give you a quote, it will say how much it cost per record - you can plug and chug some numbers to find a royalty that you're happy with. 

Example: If we're making 300 records and they cost $10 apiece and you decide to sell them for $15 - you'll make $5 in profit per record. That means $1500 for you!

what if we have a successful campaign and want to do another batch? 

  • The price will be significantly cheaper. The most capital-intensive part of the process is making the metal stamper molds, which are completely reusable for up to 1,000 records. 
  • We encourage you to start small. You can always come back for a discounted second batch!

what's the difference between crowdfunding & pre-ordering?

  • Crowdfunding a records means that it will go into production only if you hit your goal. Pre-ordering records means that the records have been paid for upfront and are already in the production process. 

how will the records get to the fans that backed my campaign? 

  • We will drop-ship every record into it's own box and ship it to every member who backed the campaign. If you want the entire batched shipped directly to you - we can do that too.

Can I personally buy a few to sell at shows and stuff like that?

  • Absolutely - we'll sell you as many as you want as the base cost. Then you can sell them at shows, hand out promo copies or even give one to mom. 

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